Friday, October 22, 2004

Dennis Moore Loves America

Another day, another lying piece of direct mail from Kris Kobach. Today he's claiming that a lifelong public servant actually hates America. Lots of people oppose the flag burning amendment. That's why it isn't the law of the land. It's a showpiece for nutjobs who don't understand what liberty means.

Burning flag 'Dennis Moore thinks it's free speech and voted to allow it'Flag: 'Dennis Moore lets it burn'Dennis Moore served in the Army. Then he made a career putting criminals behind bars. Then he took his service to the congress where he's done a great job. He fought for the flag. He swore an oath to uphold its Constitution and laws when he served in uniform, again when he we was Assistant Attorney General for Kansas, again when he was elected District Attorney, and again when the people of Kansas sent him to represent them in Washington. This attack is petty thuggery. It insults the men and women in uniform. It insults anyone who died to protect American democracy. It insults the intelligence of anyone will an elementary school civics education.

Allowing people the freedom to “petition the Government for redress of grievances” isn't what makes the flag a tool of hate and violence. The flag is a tool of violence when people like Kobach want to fly it over “Guatemalan style death squads.” It's a tool of hate when people like Kobach use it as a political weapon to smear their opponents.

This is wrong.

I just sent this letter to the Lawrence Journal World.

Kris Kobach has made me afraid to check my mail. Every flier he sends is more offensive than the last. Now he wants me to believe that Dennis Moore, a man who served beneath in his country's Army, who spent his life enforcing his country's laws, and now serves his country in Congress, hates his country's flag.

Last week, Moore's support for the 9-11 terrorism commission's recommendations was spun into aid to terrorists. Now, his support for our Constitutional rights are being twisted into an attack on America. How low will Kobach and the Republican party sink?