Monday, October 25, 2004

Help me out

I'm getting enough visitors that there's a chance someone has actually read Armed People Victorious, Larry Pratt's tract on death squads. Would any readers care to weigh in on the arguments he makes there? I have some theories and some threads I'm trying to weave together, and having some choice quotes or a reasonable precís of the argument would really help tie it all together.

The argument I'm looking to make will place the theocratic ideology of Christian Reconstruction in the center of Pratt's actions, with his other activities serving that goal. In this scheme, the gun rights activism grows from some concept of the government and CR adherents working together to root out liberals and people who want to protect democracy and separation of church and state. The anti-immigration ties into a desire to keep Catholics out, and to establish and maintain ethnic purity. Anti-abortion is a battle where extremist Christian ideology can speak out, and draw true believers deeper into the revolutionary movement. I've seen references to abortion as “white genocide” in CR writings, so there's even a racial aspect to anti-abortion and anti-birth control ideology.

I've read only a few of his recent opinion pieces. I think that the scandal that forced him to leave the Buchanan campaign has caused him to be more cautious in his writings, and his earlier works may be a better window into his soul than recent short works.

So, any takers? Anyone want to comment?