Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kobach ad

I saw a couple Moore ads today and onetwo Kobach ads. The Moore ads look familiar from two years ago, promoting Moore's record as a prosecutor, working on Amber alerts, and new additions on homeland security. No mention of his opponent. It's pretty hard to call it anything but a positive ad.

I only caught the tail of the first Kobach ad, but it was most of the same crap I've complained about before. Partial birth abortion, flag burning, the pledge of allegiance, and then the tagline (from memory): ?Is it any surprise all he can run is a negative campaign??

I don't know a single purely positive ad Kobach has run. Moore has run a bunch of ads that were principally positive, with some contrast between him and his opponent. Kobach, by my unscientific count, has been exclusively negative. From his TV and direct mail campaigns, I don't know what he wants to do. Presumably ban more abortion techniques, flag burning, and immigration, but that's just based on what he opposes.

I think that was on broadcast channel 9, which answers the question Kriswatch asked a few days ago (at the bottom).

Update: The second ad I saw after I first posted this. It was on CBS, broadcast channel 5. It's an attack on Moore for only renaming two post offices (debunked at Kriswatch) followed by a sadly shaky endorsement by Bob Dole. His heart didn't seem in it, although that could be an actual health issue, not a matter of enthusiasm. Dole just says that Kobach is a nice guy and he'd do OK in congress, but still no specifics.