Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Liveblogging the debates

It took Edwards 27 minutes to mention Halliburton! What the hell is he thinking! Plus, he blew some obvious opportunities. He seems to be warming up, but Jesus, man! get it together.

“This is the height of hypocrisy.”

Cheney is kicking some ass. Edwards needs to step up.

How much have we spent? Everyone is being demeaned.

Flip-flopping on 9-11 commission and DHS.

WIll Edwards mention that Zarqawi was let go? Please?

Not yet.

Halliburton from Gwen!

Cheney knows how to bridge. How the hell did he get to Libya and A. Q. Khan from Halliburton?

“There are 60 countries with al Qaeda in them. Will we invade them all?” Rock on!

Cheney: Objectively pro-Iran. Kerry-Edwards: Opposed to Islamic extremism.

Cheney lied to America, dealt with our enemies, bribed folks.

“Can I have 30 seconds?” “No, but you have 20 seconds left.” “Um, uh, Halliburton rocks.”

Cheney: Evasive on Halliburton. Edwards: delivering his closing statement.

Israel. <snark>Is there something going on there?</snark>

Edwards: Passionate about Israel. Way to supportive of Sharon. Do the Palestinians have rights? Clumsily bridges to the Saudis and Iran.

“I MUST DEFEND HALLIBURTON. Senator, go fuck yourself. I'm in the Senate most Tuesdays, and I never met you. ... Grabbing Saddam ended suicide bombing. ... Must go further to the right of Ariel Sharon.”

“I know this will come as a shock, but Cheney is a lying bastard. I won't defend myself agressively, though.”

Let's niggle over who did or didn't talk about Israel. Cheney denies nothing either.

The President is working hard on getting people jobs. Friday morning will suck for him though.

We need first class public schools to create jobs.

“Did you ask about jobs? Ah.”

Cleveland is in deep shit. “We have to do better.”

Cheney: “Everything is super. Stop whining.”

Edwards: “I don't think the country can take more of this.”

Moral responsibility to pay our debts down. For those keeping score at home, “exaggerations” means lies.

Cheney: “I don't want to talk about my plans. I want to bitch about Kerry.” Take your hands out from in front of your face while you talk.

Let's talk about sex, baby. Gay sex. Gay people should be able to marry, but no one should know about it. I support the President, but I secretly disagree.

Millionaires pay a lower rate than soldiers in Iraq.

How will Edwards address gay marriage? Praise his daughter and his courage for supporting her. Compassion in caring for their loved ones. Marriage between man and woman, love between two people. Gay marriage amendment is cynical politics. It wastes time that should be spent on important issues.

Cheney doesn't respond.

“Is Edwards part of the problem?” (flirtaciously) “Gwen...” (Huskily) “Mr. Vice-President ...”

Cheney: “Lawyers hate children.”

Edwards: “Too many lawsuits. ... Lawyers financially responsible for making legitimate suits. We believe illegitimate suits shouldn't get to court, but Valerie Lakey (sp?) should be protected.”

Stop teasing us and tell us what your health plan is.

Cheney: airplanes rock. If not for stupid product liability, let people who get hurt suck it up. I'll talk about minor details of tax law.

Edwards: Halliburton scammed us all.

Cheney: “I didn't know how bad the AIDS crisis was here at home.”

Clinton would kick ass on the AIDS question. He'd know these numbers, and talk about this crisis like it was his family on the line.

Gwen: “Why are you qualified?”
“I'm honest, qualified, and smart. ... A long resume does not equal good judgment.”

Cheney: “Fuck you, Iowa!”

Cheney: “Bush will be a great Commander-in-Chief because he's done such a great job so far.”

Cheney: “I'm just like John Edwards. We rock.” “Some people want us to go after the terrorists, some people just make shit up.”

Edwards: The best defense is a good offense. No unified terrorist watch list? What?

What's wrong flip-flopping? Well, they shouldn't complain about it, since BC'04 do it all the time. They suck.

Cheney: “I can think of a lot of words to describe John Kerry.”