Friday, October 08, 2004

Liveblogging the town hall

I don't like Gibson.

The people behind Gibson are feeling good.

The fascinating lights. What about the buzzer? It's the wild card in all this.

Bush looks nervous.

Kerry is hoarse. Gargle, fool.

Three flip-flops: Patriot Act, NCLB and ...

Bob that head, Bush.

In my mind, he was talking about tax cuts.

Bush: “There's a lot of pressures.”

Tough question on Iraq for Bush.

Bush seems like he's badgering the audience. He's almost shouting. This is how he does his stump speeches, but that's to get his crowds riled up.

“We invaded to eliminate the threat of the oil-for-food program.”

“The president makes the wrong judgments.” “Straight up, girl.”

Does he really want to remind us of the last debate?

He's taking the fight to Bush. This is nice.

Why do we take advice on voting from King Abdullah?

Big picture, John, big picture. Leave the memorada alone.

We hurt the feelings of the finance minister.

Bush: “Summit suck. What are you thinking Kerry? Summits are the problem, not the answer!”

Bush seems very angry.

Bush ignored Arafat because he dissed Clinton. Damn you for messing with our beloved leader.

Bush: Unilateralism is awesome.

Kerry: Bush is a flip-flopper.

Kerry: “If Bush came to shove.”

Kerry: “The military's job is to win the war, the president's job is to win the peace.”

Kerry: “We were safer before Bush came to office.”

Bush: <wink> (Come meet me after the debate.)

It's naive and dangerous to let inspectors work. The Duelfer report

“Naive and dangerous” is the catchword.

Which of the internets will you read this on?

An all-volunteer army is better than old-fashioned “mass armies.”

“We're withdrawing ... from the world.”

The split screen is fucking freaky.

Kerry: “Our guard and reserves are doing almost regular duty.”

Bush and Gibson are in a cat-fight.

If Missouri were a country, it would be the third largest coalition member.

On average, a state has 25,000 troops. Missouri is a large state. I'd estimate 35-45,000. How many has Poland got?

Actions have consequences. An unnecessary tax cut over homeland security.

“We're doing the best we possibly can.”

Bush: “This war is a wrong, wrong, wrong war.”

Kerry should trust nothing Bush said. His message is that Bush is a lying piece of shit.

People are working overtime. Even I've put in extra hours.

Bush: “Canadians are trying to poison America with their evil drugs.”


Kerry: Bush is a flip-flopper.

“We passed [drug re-importation]. The president blocked it.”

Kerry: “I'm fighting for you.”

“We did something you don't know how to do. We balanced the budget.”

Missouri health costs up 65%=$3500! Average costs are 5384.62.

Bush is angry. Damn you doctors with your “defensive medicine.” Practice offensive medicine, or those hippies will socialize your defensive healthcare.

We cut taxes because if you don't want to raise taxes, you have to cut them.

Unisia says Bush looks like Caligula.

Kerry: “Read my lips. No new taxes on people earning less than $200,000.”

Bush: “Fiscal responsiblity is incredible. You can't believe in it.”

Kerry: The president is using “fuzzy math.”

Bush: “Look at the record, just not the part he was talking about.”

3,000,00 new wetlands. Or maybe acres.

“The President isn't living in reality.”

Bush: “I believe ... I believe ... I believe”

Why is Bush on the left now? Is it because he's a liberal free-trader and Kerry is a conservative protectionist?

Bush acknowledges that Rubin is an expert.

Bush: “... it's a fact .. that's just the way things are ... it's just true ...”

Bush: “our police must have every power.” No. We balance the powers of police against our individual and group liberties.

Have thousands been treated with adult and umbilical stem cells? I doubt it, unless you count real quacks in Mexico.

Bush: “It's never as simple as the president makes it seem.”

Kerry: “I have a plan ... I have a plan ... I have a plan.”