Thursday, October 21, 2004

More on anti-immigrant racism

I contacted David Neiwert to ask for tips or pointers on tracing some of the nebulous links between the various racist groups associated with Kris Kobach, and he pointed me toward some great resources.

One error I made in the big post was suggesting that Larry Pratt and Gunowners of America (GOA) were a separate thread from the anti-immigrant racism. Turns out Pratt is the founder of various anti-immigrant militia groups and political groups (search for his name on that page, it pops up all over).

The key biographical details are that Pratt

[h]as founded several groups that are to the right of their right-wing counterparts: English First (as opposed to U.S. English), Gun Owners of America (as opposed to the National Rifle Association), U.S. Border Control (as opposed to F[ederation for ]A[merican ]I[mmigration ]R[eform]) and the antichoice Committee to Protect the Family. Resigned as co-chair of Pat Buchanan’s national campaign in 1996 after allegations linked him to militias and White supremacist organizations.

Various of those groups are also profiled on that page. U.S. Border control is a group associated with so-called “border militias,” which patrol the Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California borders, dispensing vigilante justice to any border-crossers they find. Some of that “justice” is a call to the INS, but an unfortunate number of bodies have been found in areas “patrolled” by these groups.

The other big error that I immediately encountered is that GOA is not actually just a wacko gun group. Pratt represented GOA at a meeting in Estes Park, Colorado that is considered the start of the militia movement. According to this PDF newsletter from The Public Eye (page 8), “What Larry Pratt was talking about was Militias in the sense of the Guatemalan death squads, not in the ideological sense of the Militia as a movement.” That's why GOA wants guns, so that there can be death squads. For some reason, people who want death squads for immigrants (and presumably others) don't think Dennis Moore will be supportive. And they think Kobach would be more helpful.

That sounds like quite an endorsement for Dennis Moore: “Re-elect Dennis Moore: he's against death squads.”

More to come.