Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What does this even mean?

Teenage boy, 'Is he ready to drive? No. To date? No. But Moore wants him to be able to play video games. I don't claim to be a swing voter or anything, so maybe I'm not supposed to get this, but is this how people are choosing their congress-people now? Outrage over kids playing video games? Kris, just so you know, kids who can't drive and don't date play video games. It's just how things are and have been for my whole life, and maybe even for Mr. Kobach's. Besides, it keeps them from burning flags or having abortions, smuggling illegal aliens, or whatever he thinks young folks should be doing.

Rat's nest of games and joysticks, 'What a mess.  It's nothing compared to the mess caused by actually playing the games.  Game Over.'I guess my concern is that there are bigger messes than computer games. There's Abu Ghraib, where no one of any consequence has been prosecuted. More than 1100 American soldiers have died in Iraq, and 13,000 Iraqi civilians. Coalition forces have killed twice as many civilians as insurgents have. American forces have “disappeared” dozens of Iraqis, taking them out of the country in contravention of the Geneva Conventions. We let insurgents steal 380 tons of plastic explosives, material which has killed American soldiers. People are out of work, and most of the recovery is from corporate profits, not in worker income. What is Kobach's plan to redress this? Fewer video games? Amendments to criminalize flag desecration (like this)? Killing illegal immigrants?

This says to me that Kobach is on his last legs. He can't make any attack stick. His mail has made me dislike him, and I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. So he's going after video games. I bet this would have gotten traction 6 years ago.

The problem is that video violence is usually connected to some real world violence. A man who takes money from people who oppose gun locks and other restrictions on young people buying weapons really should shut up about pretend violence.