Monday, November 01, 2004

Blogger gathering

Atrios at Eschaton:

We can either talk about how lefty blogs propelled Kerry to an overwhelming win, or about how the DNC has failed us yet again. Or, if there's no definitive outcome tomorrow we can have a mass suicide event.

I think this is a cute idea. I declare Wednesday, Nov. 3 a Blogger Beer, Bile and Bolitics Bash for Lawrence area folks. Hopefully I can get the folks at, MooreWatch, MooreWatchWatch, and the Kryptonite-like KrisWatch to get together with any of our readers. We can chat about what happens next, what role we played, how we helped or hurt our campaigns. Maybe I'll bug Brad Cooper of the Star and some people from the campaigns to come drink and talk about what (if any) role blogs played in the big local campaigns.

So, pencil The Red Lyon, Lawrence, KS, November 3 around 8ish in your calendars. If this comes together, more details will be available later.