Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Officers Expecting Record Vote Today

Me in front of votin boothsElection Officers Expecting Record Vote Today:

County election officers across the state and the Secretary of State are preparing themselves for the highest voter turnout in Kansas history this Tuesday.

As of Thursday, there were 1,687,896 registered voters in Kansas. Some counties still had not reported their final tallies, so the number is expected to climb to about 1,695,000. Of those, the Secretary of State expects 76% of those registered, or 1,288,200 voters, will cast ballots on Tuesday -- 200,000 more than in the 2000 general election. This number is higher than any other voter turnout in Kansas history.

76%!!!! That's a huge expected turnout. Nationwide, it'll incredible if we break 55% turnout. The expected turnout above would correspond to ~65% of the population over 18. All that in a state that was not contested in the presidential election, and where the senate race had only token opposition.

Amazing. Kansas, you rock.