Monday, November 01, 2004

Hillerman on the election

Tony Hillerman in The New York Times “Albuquerque, Found at Last”:

For those of us who watch TV with a channel-changer in hand, running up and down the lineup from Channel 2 to Channel 78 in the hunt for something interesting, things have become hectic. One clicks away from a Republican operative outlining Mr. Kerry's flip-flop voting record only to find a Democrat pointing to George W. Bush's foreign-policy blunders. One channel away is our Republican member of Congress warning us that her opponent seldom bothered to vote as a state legislator. Two channels up, there he is, telling us that our representative is a “friend of Osama bin Laden.''

I've seen people suggesting that neither party has really run a ”national campaign.“ But I've had the same ads here in notorious swing state Kansas, and I get the impression people in flip-floppy South Carolina are doing the same thing. There may not be national issues, but there are national smears.