Monday, November 01, 2004

Moore follows up

While I would take a different tack on this issue (as presented here, here, and here), I think Moore hits his points solidly in his letter in yesterday's Kansas City Star (scroll down):

Candidate contributors

In addition to a candidate's position on the issues, voters deserve to know who supports a candidate. That is the reason I have always supported public disclosure of campaign contributions.

Kris Kobach has attempted to hide his pattern of associating with groups that are clearly outside the mainstream. This isn't about partisanship or personal attacks. It's about his judgment. Adam Taff first pointed out Mr. Kobach's links to extremist organizations.

For example, Mr. Kobach accepted six contributions totaling $7,500 from the U.S. Immigration Reform PAC (USIRP). This organization paid Peter Gemma $7,740 in 2004. Gemma is on the payroll of the Council of Conservative Citizens, the largest white nationalist group in the United States today.

Mr. Kobach was asked to return campaign contributions from groups with ties to white supremacists. Even when presented the facts, he refused to give the money back. Kansans deserve better.

Dennis Moore

Kansas 3rd District

U.S. Representative


My ego isn't nearly big enough to think that my research and radio stardom influenced this strategy, hopefully someone will come talk to us bloggers about this.