Friday, December 17, 2004

KC Bloggers

Badda Blog! has the definitive rundown on the little shindig the Pitch Weekly threw for a bunch of us bloggers on Wednesday. It was a very cool evening and I met a bunch of cool folks.

The coolest (no offense to everyone else) had to be Greg from Death's Door. Bad motherfucker? Yes.

Earlier in the day, there was a story that 56% of bloggers are women. At the time, I was pretty skeptical, because my newsreader is probably 90% male feeds. But it was easily 50-50 yesterday (and as reecie says, the women were looking fine.)

I have two theories right now, neither excludes the other. The part of me that looks for biological causes in things wants an innate sexual difference. Women's blogs tend to be more diaristic and more directed at helping family and friends stay updated. The blogs I read are more news, opinion and expertise driven. I don't care about Josh Marshall's life, nor do I even care who Atrios is. I'm interested in what a professional journalist is hearing, what a professional economist thinks, and so forth. For whatever reason, men are many times more likely to write that sort of blog.

Are women inherently more shy? Have societal pressures kept women out of the sort of professions that I'm reading about? It's well known that female children are less vocal in grade school. Women yesterday were much more self-deprecating about their own blogging than the men were.

I certainly shy away from discussing my personal life, and steer clear of the diaristic. Are men shyer with their feelings, so they blog about news and opinion, while women are more comfortable discussing their private life? Is this “separate spheres” recapitulating? Am I spouting truths or shallow prejudice masked as conventional wisdom?

Women and Men” by They Might Be Giants from the album Flood (1990, 1:46).