Friday, January 28, 2005

Brownback to the World Bank?

Quebec shipI dislike a lot about Sam Brownback, and did some volunteer work for one of his Democratic challengers. I think he's so totally committed to his world view that he can't see reality. That said, I don't know what I think of this.

World Bank President: Brownback – you heard it here first.:

Speculation reaches us from a well-placed source that President Bush’s thoughts may be turning to his buddy, Sam Brownback, as a possible next [World] Bank president.

His development experience appears limited. He’s an advocate of democracy assistance, piloting a bill to support opposition groups in Iran for example. He’s also lambasted the international development community for its failure to use DDT in combating malaria.

We reckon that a Brownback candidacy would play well with Bush’s base at home (there'd be rejoicing in the Corner); disastrously with pretty much everyone abroad.

Not sure how seriously Brownback is being considered, but worth watching…

Update: In Kansas, they're wondering whether they might need to start looking for a new senator...

We can only hope. Who would run for an open seat? Moore? Sebelius?

Most likely, Attorney General Phil Kline would run for Senate, and I'm sure he would be beset by other Republicans, conservative and moderate. I think the Dems would get themselves together in a pretty organized way. Boyda might make some feints, but if she couldn't win a moderate leaning 2nd District House race, I think her shot at a statewide seat, especially Brownback's, would be weak. She would be smart to run gently in the primary to position herself for a run to replace Moore or Sebelius if one of them goes to the Senate.

Brownback just recently was named chairman of the Helsinki Commission.

Kansas City Star | 01/20/2005 | Kansas senator to lead Helsinki Commission

The commission, formerly known as the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also has a broader role. Under Brownback, it is likely to be closely involved in developing U.S. policy on nuclear anti-proliferation efforts, on curbing global terrorism and on Ukraine and its possible entry into NATO.

Was that a way to polish his international credentials? That appointment was made by Senator Frist, who doesn't stray far from the Bush reservation.

Would Brownback at the World Bank be good? I'll get back to you. Would it be nice to get him out of the Senate? Absolutely. At best, a Democrat will win (hasn't happened in 60 year though). Less good, but better, would be a moderate Republican winning. At worst he gets replaced by someone as virulently anti-science and intolerant of non-religious world views as he is. No net loss.

Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones from the album Sticky Fingers.