Tuesday, January 11, 2005

DNC chair redux

Sword fighting at the Edwards rallyThe fight is setting up on who will follow Terry McAulliffe in leading the Democratic party.

I stand by my endorsement of Howard Dean, though I won't be sad if Simon Rosenberg gets it. Luckily, I'm not alone. Jerome, at MyDD seems enthusiastic about both. Kevin Drum endorsed Dean today, and Publius had come around.

Oddly, Joe Trippi is endorsing Rosenberg over Dean. Some are claiming Trippi just wants Dean to run for Senate or President again, but I don't honestly buy it. I think Trippi and Dean had a falling out.

Look, if Trippi were thinking of his own interests and he and Dean were still buddies, he'd be thrilled at the opportunities to be on the receiving end of all that Party Pork. If not, then endorsing Rosenberg pulls Rosenberg out of obscurity, and leaves him in debt to Trippi when he wins.

In any event, it would be awful if an anti-abortion, anti-Social Security loser like Tim Roemer beat either of the genuine innovators.

Street Fighting Man ” by The Rolling Stones from the album 40 Licks (2002, 3:18).