Thursday, January 20, 2005

Kansas Democratic Party wants DNC chair input

We want your input for the DNC Chair Election” says the Kansas Democratic Party:

I have not made a decision yet on which candidate would be the best DNC Chair. The Kansas Delegation intends to vote as a block and there is still a discussion among the voting members and the Governor about who will best lead the national Democratic Party. I want to keep all Kansas Democrats in the loop about the DNC Chair race. As Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party, I believe it is my job to represent Kansas Democrats and get your input on this important decision for the future of our Party. If you have thoughts about the DNC Chair race please email me directly at

Obviously, I feel strongly that Dean and Rosenberg are the only candidates who meet a minimum standard of recognizing the problem and actually being prepared to change it. If you aren't so sure, check MyDD and Chairman Gates' description of the candidates at St. Louis.