Wednesday, January 12, 2005



When Kris Kobach likes someone, does that make them bad?

In an Op-Ed at the New York Post, he endorses Michael Chertoff for Secretary of Homeland Security:

When the Patriot Act was drafted to fill gaping holes in our anti-terrorism laws, Chertoff's expertise was invaluable. He knew where the problems were and knew what needed to be done. Before the Patriot Act, prosecutors who unearthed critical information about a future attack could not share that information with the intelligence community. And some forms of terrorist activity weren't even illegal.

I don't really know anything about Chertoff, but the fact that Kobach is the one endorsing him makes me very leery.

He did not merely “oversee” these prosecutions in some detached sense. He personally rolled up his sleeves and did the heavy lifting in the critical cases. He knew the facts, knew the law and knew how to win.

This means nothing, coming as it does from a man who I don't believe understands either the law or homeland security.

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