Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Koufax Round 2, part 1

Wampum has the first round of voting up for the Koufax awards.

I'm up for Best New Blog, Most Deserving of Recognition, and (eventually) Best Series.

To vote, just click the link, then leave a comment that you vote for Thoughts from Kansas. That's it.

Check back in a little while for the final voting. If I get enough votes now, I'll get to the finals.

Special thanks to my man Myers at Pharyngula who is up for all sorts of goodies in best unsponsored blog, best single issue blog and best expert blog. There are a bunch of good candidates for all of those, so vote smart and honest.

I like Orcinus and Legal Fiction, too. And I endorse the Panda's Thumb for best group blog.