Sunday, January 30, 2005

KS Republican party: “Keep Right”

Shallenburger to lead Kansas GOP 01/30/05:

Former state Treasurer Tim Shallenburger orchestrated a conservative sweep Saturday of the Kansas Republican Party leadership, and he also launched a crusade to bring about the political demise of the state's two most powerful Democrats.

Mark Simpson, executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party, said leadership adjustments in the GOP organization would disenfranchise moderate Republicans.

Shallenburger promised to “turn the other cheek” to GOP moderates and other critics who in the past treated his kind as outcasts worthy of contempt.

“When we voiced our beliefs that there is a God and said it was wrong to only teach evolution, we were ridiculed and called morons,” he said.

This is what's wrong with the Republicans. They're given a hard core conservative, a vehement conservative who couldn't win a statewide race, and a moderate. At least they passed on the wacko.

Of course, it is wrong to teach ID creationism as science, and IDC's promoters deserve ridicule.