Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tracking wackos

I poked fun (gratuitously) at Kris Kobach a few days ago. I apologize for that. I must reserve my ire for genuine shits, like Larry Pratt (subject of much of my Koufax-nominated series. Go vote!).

From Scotland (the Web really is World Wide) Gun Nuts Target Grieving Couple:

David and Ozlem Grimason were horrified to find their son's death being mocked by sick US pro-gun groups.

The couple began a campaign against Turkey's gun culture after Alistair was shot dead at a cafe in 2003 as he slept in his buggy.

But their grief has been under attack on the pro-gun website Keep And Bear Arms.

One contributor called them 'idiots' and another labelled them 'emotionalists'.

Heartless Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, sneered at the Grimasons and said he hoped they would campaign for gun control in the US.

He said: 'Let me know when I can buy their fare.'

Women's group The Second Amendment Sisters, called them 'pathetic'.

The story? A dude was shooting up a cafe in Turkey, and decided to target a two-year-old child of Scottish tourists.

Of course, Pratt thinks this means there weren't enough guns in that cafe.

No compassion” by Talking Heads from the album 77 (1977, 4:49).