Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Agents kill last of Lone Bear wolf pack - billingsgazette.com

Agents kill last of Lone Bear wolf pack - billingsgazette.com:

The Lone Bear pack first attacked rancher Bob Weber's sheep in December 2003.

Federal agents killed two of the wolves immediately afterwards. Two more were killed in September 2004 and another male was killed on Jan. 26.
This is a shame, and so is the rancher's attitude:

“I can't help but be glad about it,” Bob Weber said Monday. “Sometime, we expect another pack to move in, but it gives us a reprieve for maybe a year or two.”
This is a success of sorts, in that wolves are around to be problems, and because a system exists to protect the interests of the rancher and the wolves. I really do feel for the rancher, who lives out in the middle of nowhere because he loves the wilderness. Part of me says that this is the consequence of living out there, he took his chances living out there, risks of wildfire and predators, and I shouldn't have to pay for the helicopter time to protect his sheep. But the rest of me sympathizes, and I don't know what to say.