Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ah, to be young and pro-life

Cops: Teens ended pregnancy with a baseball bat :
It was an unwanted pregnancy, police said.

And for several weeks, her 16-year-old boyfriend struck her in the belly with a baseball bat in an effort to terminate her pregnancy, police said.

In October, the 16-year-old girl had a miscarriage in her Richmond Township house, said Michigan State Police Sgt. Jim Haggerty. Afterward, the teens wrapped the fetus in plastic and buried it in an open field in northern Macomb County's Richmond Township, police said.

On Monday night, Michigan State Police officers unearthed the fetus, which was buried a couple hundred feet away from a house on Armada Ridge Road, near the border of Armada and Richmond townships.
I think then I'd really think this was as things should be. At least a doctor didn't do this without her parents' permission. I'd think that would be immoral.

Take the Skinheads Bowling” by Camper Van Beethoven from the album Telephone Free Landslide Victory (Bonus Tracks) (2004, 2:34).