Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ASDC Endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Democracy For America | ASDC Endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair:

“The state parties believe that we need fundamental change and reform at the DNC, and we have concluded that the best, most qualified candidate to reform the DNC is Howard Dean,” said ASDC President Mark Brewer. “This is a great field of candidates and we are grateful to all of them. We urge all members of the DNC to vote for Howard Dean on February 12th.”

The state Democratic Chairs' and Vice Chairs' plan for reform at the DNC includes:

  • A focus on the grassroots

  • A commitment to the DNC's diversity

  • An escape from the consultant culture of Washington, D.C.

  • Rebuilding, partnering and investing in state parties

  • A 56 state and territorial strategy

  • Accountability and transparency at the DNC

And MyDD says that they
may not even bother with a vote on February 12. Dean is likely to win. The next question is how he gets his competitors involved. There was some mud thrown around, especially at Martin Frost and Tim Roemer. Both have useful skill-sets, even though they were poor choices to lead the whole party. Roemer has a level of credibility on counter-terrorism, and the Party would be stupid not to have him out front on national security. Martin Frost won House seats back, and he's got the fire in his belly to kick Tom Delay's ass.

I especially hope that Simon Rosenberg and his NDN are brought inside the Party structure in a serious way. He's done some of the behind the scenes work that Dean has less experience with. Throughout, they've seemed fundamentally aligned, and their skills really complement each other. This bodes well for the party.

Superman” by R.E.M. from the album Life's Rich Pageant (1986, 2:54).