Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Capital Journal wants nothing to do with the Topeka Seven

Kansas Open Meetings Act -- Phill's follies 02/15/05:
But almost as disturbing was one of his office's comments about the incident. Whitney Watson, the attorney general's director of communications, said the four moderates on the 10-member state education board weren't invited to the briefings because they could receive legal counsel from other sources.

Kline is supposed to be the attorney general for all of Kansas, not just the conservatives.

The perception is that Kline and other conservative office holders have the attitude that, “We were elected by conservatives and have no obligation to serve Kansans who disagree with our agenda.”

Not only should Kline's actions be viewed with alarm by moderates and liberals in Kansas, but such actions are also a disservice to conservatives. They are so extreme as to cause a serious backlash against the conservative movement. They risk losing the support of a lot of moderates who also helped get them elected.
I wonder when folks like those at Fire Dennis Moore will realize that their enemies aren't moderate Democrats. Moderate Democrats are their allies and conservative Republicans are using the moderate wing for bulk, and they'll treat them the way the body treats roughage when they're through.