Thursday, February 17, 2005

Comments to Board of Ed website

The Board of Education wants your comments on the science standards. Right now, Draft 1 (the current proposal) is fine. You – reasonable person that I know you are – oppose the minority report.

Here are my comments.

On the current proposal (a little hyperbole doesn't hurt):

The currently approved draft (Draft 1) is an excellent description of the state of the art in the sciences.
On the minority standards (remember, the word “suck” will just get you ignored in polite conversation):

The minority report is inadequate and inaccurate. None of the changes proposed in it have a basis in modern biological science. It is, in short, an exercise in political correctness, not scientific accuracy.

I have established a project to demonstrate this point. will collects research that either demonstrates evolution or which relies on evolutionary science. will highlight research demonstrating the supernatural in science, or relying on non-natural explanations.

In 3 days, we've accumulated over 100 items demonstrating or relying on evolution, and 0 (zero) relying or demonstrating non-natural explanations.

The science standards should reflect science as it's practiced.
Don't rip me off wholesale, but do comment. Put enough material in there that they can't use anything from the anti-science minority report.