Sunday, February 20, 2005

The dangers of partisanship

Kansas City Star | 02/20/2005 | A law to close a loophole:
Just one week after the Stinnett abduction, U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore, a Kansas Democrat, contacted Graves' office, suggesting that the two work together on Amber Alert reform that he felt was necessary.

“This is an issue near and dear to my heart,” he told Graves in a letter. “I hope that we can work together on maintaining and improving the integrity of the Amber Alert system.”

Moore had helped establish the system in the Kansas City area.

Moore made repeated attempts to contact Graves in recent weeks, a Moore aide contended Friday, but Graves never returned his calls. Moore also was frustrated by Graves' appearance with Talent at the Saturday news conference, which Moore was not informed of.

“Amber Alert never has been a partisan political issue, and we hope it's not going to be in the future,” said Christie Appelhanz, a Moore aide.

After the news conference, Graves said he had contacted Moore's office and had been contacted by several members of Congress about closing the loophole.
An Amber Alert was delayed 8 hours because of a neglected loophole. A Democratic congressman with experience in that law offers help and is ignored. Instead of a quick, bipartisan fix, this shapes up as a big, partisan squabble.

Won't anyone think of the children?