Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dean in Lawrence

Howard Dean at Liberty Hall

Howard Dean swung through town today! I volunteered with the KU Young Democrats. We sold shirts and passed out bumper stickers. It was a good time. I saw my state senator and state representative. Several people from the State Party spoke, with 30 or forty elected Democrats behind them, then Dean spoke.

Most of it was pretty standard fare. Iraq was stupid, and distracted us from real problems. No Child Left Behind sucks. Clear Skies and Healthy Forests are misnamed initiatives. “You can't trust Republicans with your money.”

He also pointed out that a number of moderate Republicans came to a fundraiser earlier in the day, because they felt like Democrats were more aligned with their interests than Republicans. He also told a story about West County, MO. He met a woman there who was inspired to start a county party a few months ago. Now, in the most conservative county in Missouri, the county Democratic party has monthly meetings with 250 attendees.

He encouraged everyone to go back throughout the state and build the party in every county, every town. Be proud. Explain what you stand for as a Democrat. Don't let the press buy the Republcan lies. Demand accountability, and an Attorney General who respects a woman's right to privacy.