Monday, February 21, 2005

Gay marriage and partisanship : Former senator speaks against gay marriage ban:
The push for a gay marriage ban is a sign of a troubling conservative extremist movement that targets politicians who don't completely agree with those extremists on certain “wedge” issues, Adkins said.

“We need to find ways to get rid of these wedge issues and litmus tests,” he said. “A portion of what I'm seeing coming to Kansas from Washington are these interest groups that are well-financed with a narrow agenda and that will target people over very narrow votes.”

Adkins encouraged unaffiliated voters to join a political party to better confront the extremists. He noted that Republican moderates have been defeated in Kansas primaries.
Adkins is among the more principled politicians I know. Last year, he, as a moderate Republican, gave cover to other state senators who wanted to vote against the previous attempt at a state constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

Senate rules forbid more than n roll call votes on a given bill. He stood there and talked and offered amendment after amendment until all the roll call votes were used up. Once moderate Republicans could vote their conscience without fear of retaliation from bigoted constituents, the bill went down in a voice vote. The only person compelled to stand up opposing the bill was Mr. Adkins.

For that one act of personal and political bravery, TfK endorses Mr. Adkins for just about any political office he seeks.