Tuesday, February 22, 2005


From Hank Fox to Dr. Myers:
  1. What animal cartoon character would you most like to be real?
  2. If every species had a “were” form (like werewolves), what type of critter would you least mind being bitten by?
  3. If your dog or cat (living or long-gone) were to suddenly gain human intelligence, what would you most like to say to him or her? Give the animal’s name and breed.
  4. If it were scientifically proven that animals had feelings and a sense of self just like humans, what animal-derived food would you STILL be reluctant to give up?
  5. If you died while camping alone in the wilderness, would you rather your body be recovered and buried in a cemetery, or remain undiscovered and be eaten by wild animals?
This is tough.
  1. Dr. Zoidberg
  2. Dragonfly
  3. Never had either. I'd probably ask my rabbit what coprophagy's like.
  4. Anything that isn't boiled alive or (like oysters) eaten while nearly alive.
  5. Woods.