Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm someone's Antithesis

Weapons of Warfare » Questions 15.2.2005:
How does the fact that many insects stop breathing prove common descent? Oh, that’s right; it doesn’t.
Oh, but actually, it demonstrates that a group of animals constituting the majority of Animalia share a characteristic which is not the ancestral condition. If Dan Weasel sat in on my lab last week, he'd know that the most parsimonious explanation of that shared, derived character state, is that it evolved once. Common descent, see? Why assume that a magical being gifted each of the 300,000 beetles with the tendency to stop breathing when we can explain the data with a single event millions of years ago?

I'm conflicted about being someone's Antithesis, although I don't mind being the opposite of a guy whose news and analysis comes from Michelle Malkin née Maglalang. And, heck, I'm in an exclusive club with Jesus' General.

I especially like this scary line of reasoning:

And it is not enough to keep your sword with you at all times; practice is required if you are to “destroy strongholds” or “take thoughts captive” to Christ. The well equipped Christian not only has a sword, not only knows how to use his sword, but knows his sword intimately, every cranny and edge. Nothing can take the place of God’s word in our lives; there is no greater treasure entrusted to us. We ought to treat it accordingly!
Why are we taking thoughts captive? Did they commit thoughtcrime? Is he a little too into his “sword”? Am I way too snarky?

Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones from the album The Ramones Mania (1976, 1:25).