Friday, February 18, 2005

Kline going down

Wichita Eagle | 02/18/2005 | BRIEF EDITORIALS: ON PHILL KLINE:

Is Kline kidding?

When Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline tried to circumvent the state's open meetings law last week, we had hoped that it was a momentary lapse of judgment. And we thought that he would quickly admit the mistake and recommit to open government.
But what do you really think, Wichita Eagle?
Apparently we gave Mr. Kline too much credit.

At a Kansas Senate committee meeting this week, Mr. Kline was unapologetic and defiant about meeting with conservative State Board of Education members in groups of three in an attempt to avoid having to hold an open meeting.

Even if Mr. Kline was correct that his meetings didn't violate the letter of the law, it was preposterous for him to claim that he didn't violate the spirit of the law.
“Don't feel like you're a rider on a downbound train?”

Downbound Train” by Bruce Springsteen from the album Born In The U.S.A. (1984, 3:37).