Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kline not getting much support

The Morning Sun: Stay out of it 02/13/05:
[AG Phill] Kline is correct, evolution is a theory. So are Newton's thoughts about gravity and Einstein's pondering about relativity. We wonder why our Attorney General is not advocating stickers for those theories as well. Perhaps it is because Kline wants to garner conservative support for an election to a higher office, and he believes the evolution issue is a way to do so.

Pushing a conservative agenda is not the job of our state's top law enforcement officer. Kline needs to stay out of the issue. He was not elected to legislate and certainly isn't a scientist qualified to offer a policy position.
This is from rural Pittsburg, KS, not a hotbed of liberalism. The Winfield Courier is not happy either.