Tuesday, February 01, 2005

KS Board of Ed meeting

Steve Case introduces the committee and reads the official definition of the science standards.

Administrivia ...

We will be transcribed.

Sixty people signed up to talk.

Mainstream Coalition member: Relativity never held physicists back.

KCFS: ID proposals are disingenuous.

Science teacher at Catholic school: Specific critiques of changes, Catholics have no beef w/ evolution.

Parent: Evolution a fact not theory. If children become doctors, will they be moral? People who believe in evolution will commit murder ad lib.

Third generation elementary teacher: Don't forbid me from letting my students talk about origins.

Science teacher: Don't redefine science. “Viewpoint discrimination.” Minority report has viewpoint discrimination.

Former biology student (75 years old): Very concerned about old dispute and this new one. “Debate isn't allowed in evolution.” “Why aren't you cleaning up the books?” (re: Haeckel's drawings)

Former science teacher: “Fairness.” “IDers: Will you let us in? Don't let them.” “If ID is factual, that will be born out, scientists won't keep it down.”

Pat Hayes, (Red state rabble): Influenza pandemic. How did flu evolve? Question of obvious value.

Parent of biology “orgasmic, organismic biologist”: Evolution not science.

Some dude: Our children could test evolution for real. Fossil record is incomplete. Blah, blah, blah.

Parent of four: “Evolution not a fact.” “No religion in science class.” “ID can be taught as science.” Good speaker.

Biology teacher, Kansas Families United for Education: Science is not a democracy. Natural phenomenon important. DNA a good example of how science works. Creationism advocates have undermined teacher discipline.

Genocide not from Nazism, from nihilism. Bullshit, fucking asshole.

“I'm a biology teacher and evolution is still a theory.”

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin justified slavery.


Ms. TfK: “How can we still have millions of opinions on evolution?” “These people are stupid.”

Some Enchanted Evening by Ezio Pinza from the album Broadway: The American Musical.

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