Friday, February 18, 2005

Mad Cow

The Westerner has a nice roundup of Mad Cow news. Read that, and ask yourself the following questions.

Why isn't this a political issue? Ranchers want a real, long-term solution. Consumers want a real, long-term solution. The international market wants a solution. Japan wants our beef, and we want to sell it.

Where is the great reformer of our age? Who is looking out for the people? Who will demand inspections and food safety?

Honestly, set up federal testing protocols, and use taxpayer money to defray the transition costs, then let the meat industry shoulder the burden of testing every animal. What's the worst that happens? They detect a few diseased cattle? That's the best result. Every cow that's detected is an assurance that the beef you buy is safe. Every untested cow today is a source of fear to people I know.

What bright light will jump on this bandwagon?