Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Moore endorses cheaper prescription drugs

Momentum Moving Forward for Drug Importation: AARP Endorses Bills, Senate Aging Chair Affirms Support:
AARP has announced their support for House and Senate bills that will allow for the importation of prescription drugs and the Republican Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, Gordon Smith, has pledged he, too, will pursue legislation legalizing the re-importation of prescription drugs. The momentum seems to be moving toward some form of legalized drug importation in this Congress.
Dennis Moore is one of 8 in the house sponsoring this legislation.

I think it's unfortunate that this is necessary. What we're really importing is price controls. However, closing the borders is bad economics, producing inefficient markets. Regulate the drug, but make it clear that a drug manufactured here and moved to Canada is in the same market and the same pricing pressures as a drug here.

That competition will reduce domestic prices for everyone.

Thanks for being a good Congressman, Mr. Moore.