Saturday, February 19, 2005

More from Larry Pratt

Why Do Criminals Break The Law? -- 02/18/2005:
Criminals like the excitement of doing what is prohibited. It is a characteristic they demonstrate often very early in life. Normal living is boring. Breaking the law is fun.

One predator told Samenow: “If rape were made legal, I would find some other law to break.” They lie not out of uncontrollable compulsion, but for the excitement of manipulating and controlling other people.

Criminals can change; they can stop being criminals, Samenow has found. To do so, they have to choose to do so. The have to learn how to think about the future, and especially about how their actions will affect other people.
We last dealt with Larry Pratt during the campaign.

He turns this psychologists work against gun control, at one point alleging that anyone who advocates restrictions on guns “aiding and abetting” criminals. He also thinks that the fact that criminals aren't crazy means that there's no point keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Odd.

Anyway, if we accept the conservative position stated by Pratt (who is closer to Kline's position than I am), Kline has no excuse for breaking the law. He did it because “breaking the law is fun.” Is that the sort of person we want enforcing our laws?