Saturday, February 19, 2005

More letters

Kansas City Star | 02/16/2005 | VOICES:
Anti-evolution board members seem as challenged by standard English as they are by standards of science. Maybe their stickers should read, “Gravity: Just another scientific theory.” Maybe they can expose its flaws by stepping off the ASB Bridge. Of course Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline is free to join them if he doesn't mind an open session.

D.G. Gray
Not very nice. Not entirely inaccurate, though.

Kansas City Star | 02/18/2005 | LETTERS:

Evolution stickers?

Reading that the Kansas attorney general had his staff research the law in order to protect him against charges he violated the open meetings statutes — so he could share his thoughts on anti-creation stickers with state school board members — makes me sick (2/12, A-1, “Media upbraid Kline, board”).

Of course, I'm sure he was just informing others of his legal opinion. There couldn't possibly be collusion with fellow conservatives, could there? And stickers? Give me a break! If I was a student today, that's the first thing I'd rip off a textbook. Do the stickers come with another sticker warning that it violates law to remove a religious sticker from a text?

Evolution is based on fact; intelligent design is based on beliefs. I believe in a higher power, but the more I hear of this type of jihad against reason, the more I turn away from organized religion. How many millions have died in the name of conflicting beliefs?

S. Wilson
Well put.

Kansas City Star | 02/19/2005 | LETTERS

Evolution discussion

Two points for Phill Kline and the Kansas State Board of Education: If they are going to require stickers on science texts, they should get the text correct. I suggest, “Evolution is a scientific theory that explains certain scientific facts better than any other theory. Intelligent design is a hope we take on faith.”

Second, scientific theories are not developed by small groups convened to subvert the sunshine laws of government. Scientists work in open forums expecting their work to be reviewed by others. Theories that fail to meet scientific standards are summarily dismissed.

The theories that survive the rigors of the scientific method will survive political and religious debate. Politicians and religious authorities who ignore them expose only their own ignorance. Our history is too rich with examples of this ignorance.

J.B. Webb