Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Odd Fish washed up, not by tsunami

Oarfish in Florida

Oarfish head

Creature from the deep - National -
A rare - and dead - oarfish washed up at City Beach in Perth yesterday, proving more than a handful for Troy Coward, Andy Mole and Axel Strauss (pictured).

The serpent-like animal was found six metres offshore, bringing to at least six the number of oarfish that have washed up on the West Australian coast in recent months. Prefering to live in the depths of the ocean they have only been known to come to the surface when sick or dying and have rarely been seen alive.

Oarfish in AustraliaLiving in the world's warmer oceans, it feeds on plankton and is harmless to humans. The longest bony fish in the sea, it grows up to nine metres long with a bright red crest that runs the entire length of its body.

It is probably the creature that sparked “sea serpent” legends following sightings by ancient mariners.

Last year a woman in Cleveland on the north-east coast of England caught a 63.5kg, 3.5m-long oarfish while fishing for cod, using a squid bait.

Scientists were disappointed when the woman, who weighed 13kg less than the fish, sliced it up and put it in her freezer.

The fish is not good to eat.
I'm glad they passed on the culinary value of the fish.

This is a followup to the false rumors of deep sea fish washed up by tsunami.