Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Popular news stories

The Discovery Institute is crowing about the fact that Behe's piece (of crap) is the second most emailed article. “Who says there's no controversy?” (If they'd link me, I'd have linked them, but really, I don't care to send them the traffic. I'm sure Mike the Mad Biologist can handle the traffic.)

Today's list of The New York Times' Most E-Mailed Articles starts with a book review:

'French Women Don't Get Fat': Like Champagne for Chocolate

The French know how to live, how to arrange scarves and how to eat without gaining weight. Mireille Guiliano explains how.

Good company so far. Meaningless fluff, just like Behe.

Op-Ed Columnist: Spearing the Beast


President Bush's plan for our retirement may be social, but it doesn't supply security.

A nice piece explaining why Bush is stupid. Controversial, I suppose, but not the company they probably want to keep.

My Addicted Son


What can you do for a boy who has spent years living for methamphetamine? A father's story.

Is this controversial? Yes. Are meth heads saying “Look, there's a controversy over meth use, so teach kids to cook meth in schools?” No. But this,
ad absurdum, is the Discovery Institute's argument. There's a controversy over blah, so teach all sides of it.

Triumph Of The Swill” by Dead Kennedys from the album Bedtime For Democracy (1986, 2:17).