Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Radio free science (but not science-free)

Mark Levine's Radio Inside Scoop: Creationism: Religion or Science?:
Think that the Scopes Monkey Trial resolved the issue of politics and evolutionary science 80 years ago? Think again. The Kansas School Board has again voted to let creationism be taught in Kansas schools.

But should majority vote decide scientific principles?

Another debate: this time between Evolutionist and Creationist.

Guests: Celtie Johnson and Mike Miles, who advocate for the teaching of alternative theories to evolution in Kansas schools; and

Rachel Robson, microbiologist, Christian, and Board Member of Kansas Citizens for Science
While Rachel Robson is enough of a badass for two people, I find it interesting that this show chooses to stack the deck two against one.

Anyone interested should tune in to and call in: (877) 577-2667.