Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Mr. Speeker, the preznit!

Watching on ABC. Stephanopoulos sez el Busho not popular. Will go double or nothing. So does that mean if we don't succeed in Iran like we did in Iraq, we'll give up in both.

Terry Moran: (Fauningly) Bush loves this like a pig in shit.


Purple fingers for Iraq.

Health, growing economy, country a force for good in world. Now approve my torturemeister.

Security purchased by parents.

“A lot of grey, heh.”

Let's gut social security.

“Let us do what Americans have always done, screw the future for the present.”

McCain has fallen asleep.

2.3 million new jobs, almost as many as we lost. Nation is grateful for the richer rich people.

Now stop spending so much. I hate how much we're spending.

Deficit in half, for appropriate definitions of half.

Eliminate ineffective departments. Like CIA. Spend money wisely or not at all.

Looks at Kerry, mouths “Bitch, this is all mine.”


Every high school diploma a ticket to success. Ms. TfK “Yeah right”

Bigger Pell grants. He keeps saying that, but it never happens.

End junk law suits. Lieberman looks smug. Asbestos reform.

Better health care, Dems clap over preznit. Repubs say, that's our boy you're applauding.

Also some wonkish stuff, and malpractice reform.

More nucular things. Plus that hydrogen shit I talked about eons ago.

That's just the beginning of duty. Need better tax code. Also to rob me of my Social Security.

Temporary worker permits. Someone gave him his SOTU from two years ago by accident, he just didn't notice.

Social Security is soooo 20th century. The 21st century is when we make shit up. Must strengthen and save Social Security. Dems say, “I'm listening”

Anyone over 55 will get paid, everyone else is screwed.

No, you might be screwed. SS is decades old, from when people died. Now they don't so it's a whole big thing.

2018, SS stops making a profit. 2042, system bankrupt, Dems say “Bullshit” Good doggies.

Parents very worried about kids' retirement. No, I'm worried about my parents' retirement.

I'll listen to anyone with good ideas, for appropriate definition of “good.”

Ms. TfK “Flip-flopper”

Best thing is volutary personal retirement accounts. I have two, an IRA and a Roth IRA. What's your point?

Ah, you mean privatization. Now comes the fuzzy math. The part that offers no insurance.

Govt not source of values, but shouldn't undermine marriage. So discriminate against gay people.

Need culture of life. Thanks for increasing NIH funding. Also, prevent effective research, and selling human life. Please pass the 13th amendment.

Judges, stop legislating from bench. I won't let them, I legislate from the Oval Office, that's why this SOTU is the same as the last 4.

Show a culture that rejects violence. Remove troops from Iraq.

No, it's just that Laura is going to go all Eliot Ness on the Crips and Bloods.

Reauthorize Ryan White Act. Update it to citizens with most infections, African Americans. Also, make justice fairer, so approve my torturing AG. No, use more DNA.

Special training for death penalty cases. Good if true. As with all that Bush proposals.

Safe from peace and protected by danger. No, vice versa.

Protect the Volk in der Heimland.

Give Rummy tools for victory over whoever.

Afghanistan has lots of countries. Iraq has 28 countries, 27, 26 ...

Nucular ambitions. Invade North Korea, they could be all nucular. Let's build massive coalitions, like the one that invaded Iraq.

Need more freedom. Computer says: Error, insufficient freedom.

End tyranny in Guantanamo Texas Iran

Chick from Afghanistan with inky fingers.

In coming years, will add to story of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

Condi to meet w/ Sharon and Abbas, give advice on Democracy. (Condi: It's a bad idea. What would happen if I let my hair choose for itself? Craziness. Give everyone gel.)

Maybe Syria is trouble, should we invade? But Iran is pretty nasty too, and we stand with the Iraqi people, just like we stand with the Iraqis.

Finite number of terrorists. Bush: “Let the kill soldiers in Iraq to keep us safe.”

Bluuuuuuuue fingers

“Hearing those explosions, those insurgents are weak, they fear democracy. So I took my family into the kill zone.” Respect the Iraqis.

We do, we have some questions about you, Generalissimo.

Laura Bush claps like a penguin, and Sofia is scared shitless. I'd be too.

Whole world knows extremists won't overturn Iraqi people's will. That's our job.

Allawi: Let our people die for our people. OK.

New phase to begin. Pulling out. No, supporting “Iraqi security forces.” They'll become self-sufficient. We will help ensure Iraqi freedom, one of these days.

Military strategy adapts, plan doesn't.

In Iraq to get a result. When that result achieved, soldiers come back. Also when they die, or when stop-loss orders end. Otherwise never.

Soldiers make America proud. Presidents tend not to.

Make injured soldiers better. Sounds good. Will that happen before or after you make tax cuts permanent. Will you pass up privatizing Soc. Sec. for that goal?

Freedom changes world. So does force.

Dreams, end slavery, free Europe, .. bring freedom.

God bless stuff.

That seemed short, mostly because he didn't actually propose anything interesting or new. This was a rerun of the 2002 SOTU. Lieberman get s a smooch.

Chills with Frist.