Wednesday, February 16, 2005

State Senate committee hears excuses : Kline answers critics of closed-door meetings
[Attorney General Phill] Kline has been under fire from media organizations who allege the meetings may have violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

“It is not close to a violation,” Kline told the Senate Elections and Local Government Committee.
Of course it is. Contact the Committee and thank them for the questions.

Senate Elections and Local Government Committee members:

R - Tim Huelskamp - Chair
R - Kay O'Connor - Vice Chair
D - Donald Betts - Ranking Minority
R - Leslie (Les) D Donovan - Member
D - Marci Francisco - Member
R - Mike Petersen - Member
R - Dennis D. Pyle - Member
R - Roger P. Reitz - Member
R - Dennis M. Wilson - Member