Wednesday, February 16, 2005

“An incremental program”

Thanks to TfK associate Red State Rabble, Tony O's comments at | Kansas City Strip | 2005-02-17:

We asked how [Celtie Johnson, young earth creationist] really felt about intelligent design's unbiblical assault on the schools.

“It's pitiful. But what can I do?” she told this curious cutlet. “It's not that difficult to understand the Earth being 6,000 years old. But they [the ID crowd] tell me it's an incremental program.”

An incremental program. Johnson was referring to people such as lawyer John Calvert and University of Missouri-Kansas City med-school professor William Harris, who have spearheaded the Kansas school effort with a Johnson County organization they call the Intelligent Design Network. Johnson claimed that the ID bigwigs assured her they have the same ultimate goal that she does -- to get religion into science classes -- and that ID allows them to take small, less controversial steps toward that goal.

And what's with all the UMKC professors involved in wacko nonsense? First Kris Kobach, now this character Harris.

Here's the end of the piece:

Al Frisby just retired after teaching science for 30 years in the Blue Valley School District, and he tells the Strip it's already impossible to talk about evolution's concepts to today's Kansas teenagers without getting a lot of eye-rolling in return. He's now teaching across the state line in Liberty, and he says in recent years, students' outright hostility to science has made it difficult to do his job.