Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Wichita Eagle gets it

Wichita Eagle | 02/13/2005 | Base standards on mainstream science:
It should be a given that the state's science standards are based on mainstream science. After all, the state shouldn't have standards that the scientific community overwhelmingly rejects.

Yet a majority of members of the State Board of Education don't seem to agree.

The board's six conservative members voted last week to gather “expert” testimony on the merits of evolution. Why did they do that, when the board already has a committee of respected science professionals that recommended evolution remain in the state's science standards?

The board members are trolling for criticisms of evolution.
Clearly, the strategy of forcing their anti-science views through around the process has served to focus attention on the very thing the want to hide.

The Soldiering Life” by The Decemberists from the album Her Majesty (2003, 3:48).