Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ah, to be pro-life

(Part 2 of a series. Here's part one.)
The American Street notes that The Dangers of Being a Floridian include:

One way or another, the Schiavo nonsense will resolve itself. Protester and registered sex offender Scott Heldreth (who had himself and his 10 year old son arrested at the hospice) will either go to jail or back to North Carolina.

Wherever he goes, there will still be more that 1,800 registered sex offenders whose whereabouts are unknown. If his son is placed in foster care, he will have an 8.1% chance of neglect or abuse, 2,000 times the maximum rate set by the feds.

And Heldreth is just one convicted rapist in a state with the 7th highest rate of Forced Rape (44.2/100,000). The murder rate in Florida is 5.6/100,000. In a state with 16 million people, that's almost 900 murders per year.

But everyone is all worked up about whether a woman on death's door should be allowed to go through peacefully, or forced to wait while her brain wastes away.

If I were pro-life, this would all make perfect sense.