Saturday, March 19, 2005

Balancing privacy and security

Dan Galbraith of the Atchison Daily Globe refers to Phill Kline's assault on women's privacy and to his innovative approach to DNA evidence in the BTK case and suggests that Blurring DNA lines risks victim's rights:
The intentions are admirable –– to ensure criminals are held accountable.

But pushing the envelope on the boundaries of DNA data the way Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline suggests is a risky proposition –– for those Americans (including rape victims) who covet their privacy rights as granted them by the Constitution.

In an increasingly dangerous world of terrorist threats and escalating sexual violence, many would sacrifice rights to enhance safety.

But how far can we go before the DNA chalk lines are moved so far to the right and become so blurred that they no longer allow freedom we used to hold so dear?
To Kline, the ends justify the means. Each of his controversial decisions where controversial when you consider their broad effects, but obvious from the narrow perspective of his short term goals. Either he has no broad vision, or he's incredibly cynical.

Neither is the characteristic you want in an Attorney General, Governor, Congressman, Senator, or dog-catcher.