Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Chucky Darwin has a posse

Gizoogle interprets a new project Charles Darwin has a posse:
These sticka n bookmarks is being introduced ta increaze awareness n appreciation of Charles Darwin ta help you tap dat ass. His theory of natural selection in 1859 provided a simple, non-supernatizzles explanation fo` how life on earth had evolved n continues ta evolve . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. Although scientists worldwide view evolution n natural selection as completely uncontrizzles popular support in tha United States is wan'n, especially wit respect ta tha origin of humans. Witout mizzle public displays of affection fo` tha theories of natural selection n evolution, it is likely thizzay mizzy n more schools wizzy allow or even promote tha teach'n of evolution "alternatives" tizzy invoke magic by supernatizzle entities.
Shmancy stickers like the one you see here, and some bookmarks to print and cut out. Donate them to schools libraries, and your favorite reporter.