Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Sunshine Week!

The first annual Sunshine Week just began. This is an opportunity to celebrate open government and to demand more openness where it's missing.

I want to thank Kansas for creating it's easily searchable database of campaign contributions. Now make it possible to link to a particular search, at let me search campaign expenditures, and we'll be somewhere.

I want to thank Shawnee County DA Anthony Hecht for his ongoing investigation into the illegal meetings between our Attorney General and conservatives on the Board of Education.

I recently got a nice note from him, replying to an earlier email. The copious typos indicate that it's the product of a busy man.

In all investigations this office does we attempt to cover all bases and to interviea all potential witnesses who may have relevant or material information and to extract from all tha they may know even if they do not realize that they know something which may be of some significance. Such takes a while and sometimes interested people get inpatient but such does not expedite the process.
So write him a nice note thanking him for his contribution to Sunshine Week. And contact your state legislators to encourage them to close some more loopholes in honor of the week.

The other thing to do in honor of Sunshine Week is demand access to something. Make a nuisance of yourself. Use the automatic FOIA request generator. Bug Congress to hold hearings on torture at American detention centers. FInd out what the FBI knows about you.

Midnight Rider” by The Allman Brothers Band from the album Dreams (Box Set) (1989, 4:26).