Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Help Moore get over the hump

The first filing deadline of the 2006 campaign cycle is at the end of March. That's when potential opponents will get their first sense of whether they can compete. To help him out for 2006, I'll make Wednesdays “Get Moore over the Hump Day.” If you like what you see, drop a couple bucks on Moore. And tack on two cents for TfK.

This week's big story for Moore relates to Alan Greenspan's testimony:

Moore recently offered a bill to bar the government from spending Social Security revenue on anything else. So he asked Greenspan at the Wednesday hearing if he thought that such legislation would strengthen the retirement program.

“I believe it would,” the Fed chief replied.
Also of note in the article:
With his fourth term just under way, Moore has become one of the go-to guys on economic issues for the House Democrats.

His expression “debt tax,” to describe the interest paid on the national debt, is commonly used in House Democratic circles.

Both sides view Moore as an honest broker. He's also a schmoozer, a trait that goes a long way on Capitol Hill.

“He's not one who will just stay over on his side of the aisle,” said Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, a Missouri Republican. She co-sponsored legislation with Moore to allow the Health and Human Services Department to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare recipients.

Harry Zeeve, national field director for the nonpartisan Concord Coalition, which pushes fiscal responsibility, … said of Moore: “We're supportive of anybody who puts fiscal responsibility on the table. He has certainly been a voice for fiscal responsibility since he arrived.”
He also gave a post office an additional name.

People who value a uniter, a moderate, and a fiscally responsible voice in Congress should pony up (and tack on two cents to let them know I sent you).