Friday, March 04, 2005

I get letters (snailmail)

Grasses at Baker wetlands
After passing the note through TfK's patent pending creation detectors, we opened this letter with great concern.
In response to TfK's earlier letter to the Journal World, our correspondent writes:
Dear Mr. Rosenau:

I read your letter to the editor today. I am not a scientist; however, you have made huge general statements without any specific facts to back up these statements. You say that evolution has taught us “the conditions in which life developed on Earth”. Do you know anyone who was present when the Earth was developed who can verify your generalization? Do you believe that order comes out of chaos? If you do, can you sight [sic] an example that can be tested in the laboratory? Do you know how much information that is [sic] contained in the DNA of the simplest form of life? Do you know the probability that the simplest form of life was formed by chance?

You claim that the Creationist (Christians) do not know the desires & abilities of the “supernatural” (God). You seem to be venturing off into a subject that you know nothing about. The desires of the Christian (Jewish) God are knowable by reading the Bible. By the way, the Bible is the most documented book in the history of man. It contains prophecies that have been fulfilled in history. As far as God's abilities, one can look at his creation & see His ability.

Back in the 60's I took a course in physical anthropology taught by the respected Dr. Bass. I dare say that 90% of what I was taught was either false or outright academic fraud. Case in point, Nebraska man, from a single tooth Nebraska man came into existence [sic]. That tooth turned out to be the tooth of a pig. It goes on & on. Investigate it yourself.

The Christians that I know & discuss these things with have no problem with legitimate science. Gross generalizations, such as yours, we do have problems with … [sic] Please, tell me one thing about the theory of evolution that can be proven in a scientific lab. You mentioned Einstein. Einstein said: “A legitimate conflict between science and religion cannot exist. Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

I suppose that the purpose of your letter is to highlight the Kansas Board of Education situation. My question to you is: If your position is so strong, why are you so afraid of the creation theory being taught alongside of the evolution theory. Why isn't your side open minded and willing to investigate all theories of the origins of life?

Late in life, I have come to the conclusion that everyone has a religion. Some practice the major religions of the world, others practice Secular Humanism or some variation of SH. It is my observation, that out of SH come [sic] the political liberals and the evolutionists. I admit that it takes a certain amount of faith to believe in the Christian God & creation; however, I think that it takes more faith to believe in evolution.

The discoverer of chloroform, Sir James Young, was once asked: What is the greatest discovery you ever made? He replied: “The greatest discovery I ever made was that I was a great sinner and Jesus Christ a wonderful Savior.”

[Signed but name withheld.]

[handwritten] If you are a seeker of truth, I can recommed [sic] some books +/or a couple of very knowledgeable men that you can discuss these issues with.
Before delving into this, I want to explain why I, and other people in my position, put [sic] through these sorts of letters. There are grammatical errors, and I put the effort in to retype the whole damn letter, so I'm not taking responsibility for Mr. K's typos.

I'm guessing that sections of this came from a standard form letter of some sort, but I can't prove it. Anyone who's gotten letters like this with similar text, let me know. I'd be interested in tracing common language.

I don't talk about my religion here. I consider my religious feelings personal and private. I've made some headfakes toward holism or transcendentalism, but no commitments. And the original letter I wrote nothing directly bearing on religion, it was a positive defense of science, and only a brief comparison with creationist claims.

Since I never revealed my religion, Mr. K has no place claiming that religion is “a subject that I know nothing about.” I know that many religions have no beef with evolution. Here's an article by a Presbyterian minister explaining that Jews and Catholics also can reconcile Genesis and evolution.

Next Sunday, Keith Miller will speak on “Science, Faith, and an Evolving Creation” at the Plymouth Congregational Church. He's an evangelical Christian and a geology professor at KSU.

Did I claim that “evolution has taught us 'the conditions in which life was developed on Earth'”? No. I said that “Titan's oceans of methane recall the conditions in which life developed on Earth.” That's different, because it was intentionally

So what's the point? A presumptuous attack on my personal faith, a misquoting of my letter, and some boilerplate evolution denial. I'm not going to bother responding unless someone has advice on a meaningful outcome that could ever result from this conversation.Let's turn this around. In the aftermath of the horrific murder of a judge's family in Chicago, TfK ally Dave Neiwert
tells us about the World Church of the Creator, which may have ordered the murder:

[WCOTC founder Ben Klassen] called his eventual concoction “Creativity.” … The core beliefs are relatively simple: Klassen rejects all previously established religions, including Christianity (because it emanated from the debased Jewish faith; WCOTCers, unlike most white supremacists, are actually eager to point out that Jesus was a Jew). His religion does not worship God: it worships white people, who are the “cream of creation.”

Because his religion teaches that his race was created specially, he argued for an inevitable genocidal war. The current leader of the movement is in jail for soliciting the murder of Judge Lefkow.

I'm not saying that this is where religion leads. These guys reject all religion, but other, nearly identical groups in the Christian Identity movement believe that the Bible justifies their racist and genocidal beliefs. Should I blame the Bible for fascism and superstition? No, because there are good Christians and bad Christians, as there are good and bad members of any group. Except maybe the World Church of the Creator.

Stepping Stone” by Sex Pistols from the album Pirates of Destiny (2002, 3:08).

Leo Sandon points out that one can be philosophically committed to design and scientifically committed to, you know, science.