Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Kansas City Star | 03/23/2005 | Area lawmakers defend Schiavo vote:
“I wonder why the Democrats don't see that they are walking away from an opportunity to define the Republican Party,” said GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio. “One of the best plays has always been to paint us as scary people who want government in your bedroom. They missed that pitch. Maybe they think there'll be a couple of others.”

Nor did he spare his own party, which he described as beholden to the religious right.

“This is,” he said, “the most clear proof of the absolute ascension of the moralist theocratic wing of the Republican Party."
More GOopers see the theocrats as a problem.

In response to Fire Dennis Moore's (ongoing) plans to stalk our Congressman, I wonder whether they'll be checking out Jerry Moran's alibi.

Since we're stalking people, if you spot anyone who looks at all like Dennis Moore (white male, tallish, often wearing a suit and helping the American) email them. I'm not saying you should stuff their mailbox with possible and fake sightings, but you could. Also, tell them where Dennis Moore isn't. If you're a CSPAN addict, email them when you see our Congressman doing the people's work. I'd hate for their stalking to be biased.